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Founded by investment banker, restauranteur, and motivational speaker Jean-Pierre Ayala, the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship was created to assist dedicated students with a passion for studying and protecting our oceans and the wildlife that occupies them further their education. JeanPierre Ayala, affectionately known as JP, has always had a love for the water.  Having come from an under-privileged background, Mr. Ayala found comfort in his love for the water.  He continued his post-secondary education in New York as a Pre-Med Major with a focus on Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography.

With a strong background in investment banking and entrepreneurship, Jean-Pierre Ayala takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience with individuals around the world through his mentorship and speaking engagements. Mr. Ayala attributes a lot of his success in life to the positive influences in his life that he found through teachers and professors who saw his potential and spoke life into him. It is his hope that through the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship he will be able to pay it forward by not only providing guidance and mentorship, but also by providing financial assistance to alleviate some of the costs associated with pursuing a college education.

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