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5 Scholarship Application Tips Every Student Needs

College is a whole new world and with it being the first time many young adults experience independence and living on their own, it is vital to have a plan for success. In this blog we'll share 3 essential tips for college success for incoming Freshmen.

#1: Start Early & Don't Miss Deadlines

Applying for scholarships is something you will need to do consistently to get the best results. You can start completing many applications even prior to your junior year in high school. As your begin the process be sure to stay organized and mindful of scholarship deadlines.

#2 Don't Ignore Small Awards

One common mistake students make is ignoring small awards. Even if the scholarship is only $250, that's $250 less that you have to pay out of pocket or take a student loan out to cover. Winning enough scholarships to cover the cost of your college education will come from a number of sources, and even smaller awards will add up.

#3 Use A Scholarship Matching Tool

While there are thousands of scholarships available, the best way to maximize your time is to use a scholarship matching tool. These tools allow you to quickly and conveniently search through huge databases of scholarships online. Through specifying filters and keywords that match your intended major, GPA, background, interests, and qualifications, you can receive a custom curated list of scholarships to apply for. In many cases these matching tools allow you to save your profile to make applying for new scholarships even easier, without having to complete a new application from scratch. Some of our favorite scholarship matching tools include.

  1. Fastweb


  3. Cappex

  4. The U.S. Department of Labor

  5. Scholly

#4 Refine Your Online Presence

Potential jobs aren't the only ones googling you, college admissions and scholarship program committees may as well. Be mindful of how your social media pages portray your character, views, and interests. Some students make the mistake of thinking that because their pages are private no-one can see any of their posts. However, on some platforms once you add a hashtag to your photo or video, it shows up in searches of that hashtag regardless of the privacy settings on your profile.

#5 Collect Letters of Recommendation In Advance

Some scholarships you will encounter in your search will require letters of recommendation, however there are many that won't. We encourage students to include letters of recommendation whenever possible even if the school or scholarship they are applying for doesn't request them. These references should include signed letters from academic, professional, and personal references, how long the individuals have known you, and contact information for the individuals.

If you haven't yet, be sure to submit your application for the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship.

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