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Important Focus Tips For Online Classes

Although online classes were an increasingly popular option at many colleges and universities due to their flexibility and convenience, the COVID-19 global pandemic made once optional e-learning, mandatory. As we emerge from the heart of the pandemic and things are slowly returning to normal, some students are opting to continue their education online. While it is undoubtedly convenient, there are significant learning curves and demands unique to online classes. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and be successful in your e-learning experience.

Have a Designated Study & Class Environment

Sure, you technically could log into your class from under you blanket, but would you be as focused as you would be if were sitting at a desk? Most likely not. To gain the maximum benefit and retain information it is strongly suggested for students to have a designated location at home or a nearby quiet location that they regularly report to during their class times or to study. This is a technique also employed by many work from home professionals as it as been proven to program your brain into work-mode, allowing you perform better.

Get Adequate Sleep

Our brains and bodies need sleep in order to perform at their peak levels. We often hear about college students pulling all-nighters to cram for exams. But this in fact inhibits your ability to perform. For students taking online classes it can be even more tempting to stay up later due to the convenience of just having to walk to your laptop for class the next day. However, as you may discover it can be even harder to focus while staring at a screen. This is why when taking online classes it is even more important for you to get at least 6 hours of sleep at night. This gives your body more time to go through REM sleep, which is the most crucial part of your sleep cycles and is key in the maintenance of high levels of cognition and productivity.

Remember That Class Participation Is Key

In most college courses class participation comprises a significant portion of your grade as this allow professors to gauge your commitment to the material. Not only that, but students who participate more in classes tend to perform better and achieve higher grades. In online classes this is equally as important especially because instructors are aware that at home students face more distractions than they would in the classroom. By keeping your class participation high you will benefit personally and academically as well as stand out among your peers.

Turn Your Camera On During Class

One of the benefits of e-learning is that you don't have to get dressed up everyday for class. However, turning your camera on during class even when the professor doesn't require it will help you as it serves as an added layer of accountability. Students with their cameras on are less likely to wander away from the computer or surf other sites and social media on their cellphones. This results in more attention being paid to the material being taught and increased engagement. If you need to step away from your computer, it's ok to turn your camera off temporarily, but remember this key tip for success in your online classes.

Take advantage of the added conveniences you have with online classes, and use these tips to continue to excel. If you haven't yet be sure to submit your application for the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship. We look forward to supporting the academic endeavors of the future leaders of tomorrow.

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