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Plan Your Life For Success

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

The COVID-19 global pandemic of 2020 caught the entire world by surprise. Fortune 500 companies and regular individuals alike all found themselves in an unprecedented state of uncertainty. Life has these equalizers where we realize that we are all the same regardless of our age, economic status, or geographical location. As the economy struggles to recover without plummeting the nation into a recession, the companies that survived the pandemic are beginning to see an upward trend. Unfortunately, many companies crossed the point of no return during government mandates shut-downs in efforts to curve the exponentially increasing number of infected people. This resulted in them closing their doors, never to open again.

What we want to impress upon our readers, specifically the youth is to develop a plan for your life and begin practicing discipline in things that move you towards your goals. Once you have a plan, it is easier for you to make decisions because every action you take can be tied to your purpose. This doesn't make you exempt from moments of feeling low or doubt, but the disciplines you've developed and the draw of your purpose will keep you going.

The Founder of the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship, Mr. JP Ayala, recently released a motivational Youtube video that walks you through how to be successful in life by creating a plan. We all know the saying, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." And yet, most people haven't taken the time to plan their own lives beyond just the next step. So whether you're a new student or older, we urge you to watch this brief video and put the recommended steps into action.

Click Here To Watch The Video On Planning Your Life

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