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Self Care and De-stressing Activities For College Students

College is stressful. Even in a perfect world, at some point or another every student feels overwhelmed or stressed out. This is why it's so important to have a few techniques to help you during these times. Here are 3 ways you can practice self care and relieve stress.

Take A Weekend Trip

A change of scenery can do a world of good for your mental and emotional health. Planning a day or weekend trip to a nearby beach area, campsite, or theme park can give you a great mental reset. It's easy to become overwhelmed with a demanding coursework schedule, so plan to give yourself a much needed break.

Attend A Kickboxing, Dance, or Yoga Class

Exercise has been scientifically proven to release endorphins and other feel-good hormones. You don't have to be a gym addict to take advantage of this. Search on social media or online for kickboxing, dance, or a relaxing yoga class near you. Nothing gives stress the boot like getting your body in motion. If you're not able to find an in-person class or session, you can take advantage of online programs. There are a lot of free video tutorial options available on Youtube. You can kick the fun up a notch by inviting a friend to join you.

Bingewatch Your Favorite Series With Your Favorite Snacks

Make it a Netflix night or day. When you don't have any assignments due immediately - turn off your laptop and book your textbooks away. Grab your favorite snacks, your remote, and your most comfortable pajamas and unwind! While exercising is great, sometimes we need to just stop and rest. Not sure what to watch? Ask your classmates or check for recommendations on social media or YouTube. You can make it a mini-party by inviting your friends to each bring their favorite snack or comfort food to make it a mini-potluck.

Get Artsy

If you're not an art major, take a break to release your creativity will help your mind unwind and relieve a lot of your stress. A growing number of cities around the country are offering painting with a twist, glassblowing, and other fun follow-along artistic classes. These are fun social activities that allow you to express yourself - and you may be surprised at your own skills. In the event there aren't any offerings near your location, there are kits available to purchase online and videos you can follow along with. Go ahead - unleash your inner Picasso!

If you haven't yet be sure to submit your application for the Jean-Pierre Ayala Scholarship. We look forward to supporting the academic endeavors of the future leaders of tomorrow.

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