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The Most Common Marine Science Majors

Students pursuing a degree in Marine Science have a catalog of majors to select from depending on your interests. Today we'll discuss a few of the most popular and common major options available to students under the Marine Sciences umbrella.

Marine Ecology

As a Marine Ecology major you can look forward to in-depth studies of the animals that occupy the Earth's oceans. Your courses will cover subjects such as the chemical makeup of water, oceanic geology, marine mammals, plants, fish, and the biological habitats that make up the vast oceans these organisms call home.

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology is a wonderful major for students with a curiosity about living things and why they are and act the way they do. Throughout your academic career you'll study cellular organisms to gain an understanding off cellular structures and how cells work. Through your exploration and research you'll obtain an understanding of cellular components, characteristics, activities, growth, and chemical processes. Students who desire a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind life generally enjoy Molecular Biology as a major.

Marine Science

A degree in Marine Science focuses on the planet's oceans and marine life. As a Marine Science major your house programs will team you about marine flora and fauna, oceanography, and marine ecosystems and the impacts of climate change. Like many sciences students majoring in Marine Science learn through a blend of in class lectures, lab work, and field research.

Marine Biology

Marine Biology majors specialize in how aquatic life exists in the oceans. In this discipline you'll study the geology of the planet's oceans, the chemical makeup of water, and the plants, animals, and biological habitats that comprise our oceans. Students with a love for the water and the animals that live in the oceans will enjoy the knowledge gained during class lectures and field experience.

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